The fields of Avalon have no need of the ploughs of the farmers and all cultivation is lacking except what nature provides.

Inspired by this concept, the Avalon Organics® brand was founded on the deep-rooted belief that all beauty comes from the Earth. With this philosophy comes a deep reverence for the Earth and a respect for all living creatures.


Deep rooted beauty

Deep rooted beauty is the essence of the Avalon Organics® brand. Guided by the infinite wisdom of nature and the knowledge that all beauty begins with the Earth, the Avalon Organics® brand harnesses the pure benefits in botanicals to create products that contribute to a holistic lifestyle of health, wellness and sustainability.

pure ingredients

Grounded in a deep reverence for the Earth, the Avalon Organics® brand team combines centuries of rich botanical study with modern science to thoughtfully curate products from nature’s resources.

formula transparency

Committed to organic agriculture and formula transparency, all Avalon Organics® products are certified to the NSF/ANSI 305 Standard for Personal Care Products Containing Organic Ingredients.

vegan and cruelty-free

The Avalon Organics® brand has a profound respect for all forms of life. Devoted to cruelty-free, vegetarian products, the Avalon Organics® brand philosophy is to never test products or product ingredients on animals.

safe for the earth

Humbled by a deep appreciation for the endless beauty found in nature, the Avalon Organics® brand is committed to organic agriculture and sustainability. This extends beyond personal care products to a greater passion for a cleaner global environment and personal health.

continually evolve

Avalon Organics® brand formulators continually strive to expand expertise, to innovate and perfect every formula. By studying nature from all possible angles, no stone is left unturned and for every product, the right path is taken.



All Avalon Organics® products are certified to the NSF/ANSI 305 Standard by Quality Assurance International (QAI). The NSF/ANSI 305 is an American National Standard written specifically for personal care products containing organic ingredients.
The standard establishes the materials, processes, production criteria, conditions and labeling claims for personal care products claiming to “contain organic content”. To be certified, all formulas must contain a minimum of 70% organic content. The other ingredient which are not in organic form must be evaluated and approved by an independent scientific panel to minimize environmental impact during production and ensure safety for the product user.

Learn more (on NSF website)

10-Free Care

Studies have shown that chemical absorption through the skin can occur without being noticed. Avalon Organics® brand formulators relentlessly seek out plant-based organic ingredients from only trusted sources. This process results in products that are free from 10 major concerns and are safe to use.


Leaping Bunny Program

Humbled by a profound respect for all living beings, the Avalon Organics® brand never tests any products on animals or allows ingredient suppliers to test ingredients on animals.

Learn more (Leaping Bunny website)